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Sunday, June 16, 2019

National Information

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411US.info adds Local Weather, Top National and Top Political News Links for North Carolina Cities

August 1, 2012


Using the websites North Carolina citizens can find information on demand including...


  • News, Weather, and Sports - Both National and Local
  • Local Information - Lists the websites of local newspapers and TV stations. Displays maps, TV listings, and some government sites.
  • Travel - Provides access to travel sites; to compare prices; to book a trip; and to local information on destinations. When traveling, a user can keep up with news and events in both destination and hometown.
  • Reference – Allows quick lookups link to great reference sites.
  • Reviews - Allows users to find reviews and user ratings ... to find the good and bad before buying. To find the best product.
  • Buy/Sell - allows user to then click to one of several sites to find and buy the best product. (Or to sell items.)
  • Community - Provides quick, one-click (or touch) access to social media sites.


The North Carolina cities and their domain names are:


North Carolina City  Domain Name
High Pointwww.411HighPoint.info
Rocky Mountwww.411RockyMount.info



(Residents in larger cities can access the site via their domain name - for example, 411Charlotte.info; residents of smaller localities can go to 411US.info , and enter their zip code in the box in the upper right of the page, to access local information.)


The websites of the localities in North Carolina provide information for Internet users from beginners to executives to power users to travelers (and road warriors) to students and teachers and moms.


  • Beginners, who may have little Internet experience, will welcome the categorized, well-organized menu. It creates a user-friendly, guided Internet experience for getting information.
  • Executives and power users can utilize 411US.info to quickly look up information every day, hour, and minute. The site provides these users with a powerful tool to efficiently retrieve information. For these power users, 411US.info serves as a sophisticated, always-on-top bookmark system, allowing rapid movement from one website to another.
  • For travelers and road warriors, 411US.info provides quick access to travel sites. These users can also look up local information at their destination location, including news, weather, and events. When away from home, travelers can change the zip code to their home zip code to keep up with what's happening in their hometowns.
  • 411US.info is a worthy reference tool for students and teachers. With 411US.info, one can quickly look up the definition of an unfamiliar word, or find a Wikipedia or encyclopedia article on an interesting topic. College students can also use the site to keep up with local news at home.


In addition, 411US.info along with the associated sites can (with the help of Google Translate) be translated into French, Italian, German, Spanish, or Japanese.

Jerry Guzi, founder of 411US.info, said, "I created the site to provide a clear, clean, and organized way to retrieve information, on demand. I wanted to provide an information menu that works for everyone to find what we want, when we want it."

The websites and the associated linked sites can (with the help of Google Translate!) be translated into French, Italian, German, Spanish, or Japanese - useful for users whose primary language isn't English - for example: visitors from other countries while in the U.S.

Anyone can use 411US.info's local North Carolina websites to have the best information available on the web at their fingertips in a neatly organized and easy-to-use way.

To find more information, go to the North Carolina websites listed above, go to www.411US.info, Like on Facebook at facebook.com/411US.info, follow on Twitter at: twitter.com/411USinfo, or Contact Chelsea Camper or Jerry Guzi at: feedback@411US.info. # # #

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... and vicinity.

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